Contest Lifeline 5 august - 30 august 2019

10 resons to go again

1. Learn more about Thai culture.With an impressively rich cultural heritage, Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations in Asia. This is a place to learn more about Buddhism and deepen your understanding of meditation. Thai culture is deeply-rooted in Buddhism and values such respect, self-control, kindness and generosity. A second trip to Thailand might be a life-changing experience for many visitors, mainly if they will attend a meditation retreat.

2. Visit more cultural sights that you might have missed before. If your first trip led you to the usual destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai, put the ancient capitals of Siam - Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, on your map. Also worth a visit, the regions of Mae Hong Son, Nan or Chian Rai will surely fascinate you.

3. Bring along your children and/or your parents. Thailand is a safe country, getting around is easy, food is amazing, there are countless activities for children, you can enjoy affordable luxury hotels or rural accomodation – and watching the sunset on an idyllic island beach with your loved ones is priceless!

4. Numerous waterfalls, caves and jungle trails.Thailand has 60 amazing national parks that allow any nature lovers to explore the untouched wildlife with amazing fauna and unique flora. Trails are filled with spectacular waterfalls hidden deep in the forest. Make your childhood dreams come true and be an explorer among monkeys and lianas.

5. Unique shopping. Thailand is known as one of the best countries for achieving a whole new wardrobe, where you can buy the most unusual and exotic clothes, decoration and accessories! If you have already visited the elegant shopping malls, why not visit markets and shopping streets. With a history of more than 70 years, the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is the biggest weekend market in the World, displaying unique Thai souvenirs, vintage and retro clothes or boho accessories. Not to be missed is also the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai. When the sun goes down, plenty of street vendors set up their stalls with local Thai goods and delicious food.


6. Get lost in Bangkok, Chinatown, khlongs. Take a day or two just to wander with no map or precise goal. Do not hesitate to step off the beatten tracks and explore surroundings, find a different perspective of locals life, discover temples and shrines, then take a boat and navigate picturesques khlongs in „rural” areas of the capital.

7. Go on a retreat. Thailand is a great place to get away and recharge your energy. Give yourself time for deep spiritual experience. Many yoga retreat places are located in peaceful areas in Thailand. They offer detox programs, chakra balancing programs and yoga. You should try at least one of them.


8. Thailand has many festivals and local ceremonies, all year round. At any time you visit The Kingdom you have the opportunity to admire those spectacular feasts. Every year in November, Chiang Mai's skies light up for the Yi Peng and Loy Krathong festival - the most impressive lantern festival in the world and a truly remarkable sight by the banks of Peng river. Thousands of locals and travelers make wishes for the year ahead as they release the lanterns into the sky, creating a magical twinkling flurry of light. This is the most photogenic part of the festival, but there are also parades, religious ceremonies, fireworks and the releasing of paper floats in the river. A must-see!

9. Get close to elephants – interract ethically with pachiderms at Mahout training camps.

If you love wild animals and you always wished to be around big creatures, Thailand is the place for you. Many elephants in Thailand that have in the past faced abuse are being rescued and sent to elephant parks to have a better life. You can book an elephant tour to visit a park and work in a volunteer activity to soothe the toughness these gentle giant animals have suffered. Splashing in a river with adult elephants or feeding baby elephants might be a unique experience druing your journey to Thailand.

10. You cannot get bored in Thailand

There is always something to do in Thailand. Food, activities, relaxing, nightlife, sightseeing, exploring, diving into history or into crystal clear golfs by a peaceful beach or just chatting with new friends at bars... Even in the less popular spots, you will most likely find a craftsman to buy a souvenir from, a tiny food stall or a bar where you can have a drink and hang out late at night. Even in the middle of frantic Bangkok, you will find a park to escape the traffic and the noise or a spa to relax amid flowers and celestial musical background. This country has so many things to offer to travelers, that one can spend more than a month here without having to repeat an activitiy, a sight or a dish.